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If a customer approaches your business property and is unable to get in due to a security or access issue, you could lose his or her business forever. People expect a lot from the places they do business with these days, and they will go someplace else when they can’t get it. You don't want to lose any revenue or customers due to an unexpected interruption in availability. When you work with Plant City FL Lock Key Store, your customers may never even realize you had an issue at all. That is because we offer assistance with commercial building lockouts, installing new locks on doors , installation of magnet locks, and a whole host of other services.

Whatever type of commercial lock you need installed or repaired, we can help. The service technicians at Plant City FL Lock Key Store have many years of experience with safes, high security locks, keypad entry systems, and much more. We understand that every part of your company must be secure at all times. To ensure that it is, we can cut off old rusty padlocks, change out mailboxes, or perform any other type of commercial locksmith service that you require.

Lock Changes

An unsecure building is not only dangerous for your employees and customers, it leaves you open to theft as well. This in turn affects your profitability and perhaps even the future of your company. We work closely with our commercial customers to prevent such issues as former employees returning to harass other workers and keeping people out of secure areas they have no need to access. As a business owner, you have probably dealt with both of these situations at least once.

Lock Damage

Locks are generally sturdy, but like everything else they can wear down over time and need to be replaced. You may also arrive at work one morning to discover that someone tried to pick your company lock. No matter how the lock damage occurred, you need to attend to it right away. When you contact Plant City FL Lock Key Store, we report to your business property immediately to repair the broken lock. We can also replace it if the damage proves to be too extensive. You will soon be back in business.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

A company safe or locked filing cabinet are both valuable assets when they work as they should. When you lose a key, it prevents you from accessing what is inside of them. This could be anything from confidential papers to cash needed for your store. These situations can handicap your business in a hurry. You can minimize the damage by calling 813-402-0215 any time of the day or night. We will meet you at your commercial property and create a new access key on the spot.

Emergency Exit Lock

No good ever comes of having an emergency exit door that won't open due to a problem with the lock. This is definitely inconvenient, but its highly unsafe as well. It also leaves you vulnerable to getting sued if someone becomes injured or their family member dies due to not being able to escape an emergency situation. Workplace safety groups can even fine you if they discover this problem upon inspection. You can prevent all of this by contacting Plant City FL Lock Key Store as soon as you notice a problem with the emergency exit lock. We also recommend that you perform periodic testing of the door.

Key Changes

When you or an employee loses a key, it can expose you to risks such as theft, vandalism, lost productivity, and damage to your reputation. Not having a key to open the main access door or any of the doors inside of the commercial structure means that many people can't reach the supplies they need to work efficiently. The best way to mitigate these problems is to contact Plant City FL Lock Key Store at 813-402-0215 as soon as you realize a key is missing.

Master Key Systems

Business owners request master key systems to control the level of access available to each employee. For example, an entry-level file clerk doesn't require the ability to get into the CEO’s office when he or she isn't there. Our company serves the commercial locksmith needs of several types of business, such as:

  • RestaurantsPlant City FL Lock Key Store Plant City, FL 813-402-0215
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

Plant City FL Lock Key Store can appreciate that your business faces security risks that other business owners may have never encountered. That is why we place such a high emphasis on individualized service. We offer free consultations to all businesses in Plant City, FL and the surrounding communities. Our skilled commercial locksmith technicians draw on their many years of experience when suggesting security upgrades or responding to your current concerns. Whether you need help with repairing or replacing old locks, opening and unlocking file cabinets, or another service altogether, call on us to complete it.